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VINN Excellence Center

Investing in competitive research & innovation milieus

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VINN Excellence Center
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  • Published: 2011-mars
  • Series #: VI 2011:05
  • ISSN: 1650-3120
  • Languages: English
  • Pages: 4

  • Long-term investment to develop centres of excellence in research and innovation

    Milieus that attract international R&D investment and have effective innovation processes are becoming increasingly important in bringing about sustainable growth and meet the global competitiveness.

    Vinnova, in partnership with industry and academia, is funding VINN Excellence Centers at a selected number of universities.

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Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency. We promote sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovation and by funding needs-driven research.

We promote collaborations between companies, universities, research institutes and the public sector. We do this by stimulating a greater use of research, by making long-term investment in strong research and innovation environments and by developing catalytic meeting places. Our activities also focus on strengthening international cooperation.

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