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Setting Priorities in Public Research Financing

- context and synthesis of reports from China, the EU, Japan and the US

Vinnova Analysis

Setting Priorities in Public Research Financing
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  • Author:

    Göran Pagels-Fick

  • Published: 2010-juni
  • Series #: VA 2010:08
  • ISBN: 978-91-86517-17-5
  • ISSN: 1651-355X
  • Languages: English
  • Pages: 38

  • The principles and institutional mechanisms utilised in setting priorities for public research financing and development are crucial aspects of any country’s research and innovation system. As part of the development of its own strategies and positions, Vinnova has decided to commission in-depth studies of the prioritisation mechanisms in the US, China and Japan, and the EU Framework Programmes. Vinnova welcomes open discussion on issues relating to priority-setting and hopes these studies may also be of interest to other institutions in Sweden and internationally. Accordingly, they are published in English and made generally available.

    Vinnova needs a synthesis of the four reports. This will not entail a further summary, as the four individual authors have already drawn their own conclusions. Rather, there is a need to draw out significant elements from the studies and put them in context. This will aid understanding of what the project has achieved and stimulate further reading of the four reports. This task has been entrusted to Göran Pagels-Fick at Vinnova’s Operational Development Division, who is project manager for the whole study.

    This report places the priority-setting mechanism into context in the midst of political, industrial, academic, economic and social forces. Göran also reminds us that priority-setting is a decision-making process and can be examined using the tools of those management scientists who study decision-making. Such a perspective adds some new dimensions to our thinking.

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