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Life Science companies in Sweden

Including a comparison with Denmark

Vinnova Analysis

Life Science companies in Sweden
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  • Author:

    Anna Sandström - Vinnova and Tage Dolk & Benny Dolk - Addendi AB

  • Published: 2011-mars
  • Series #: VA 2011:03
  • ISBN: 978-91-86517-32-8
  • ISSN: 1651-355X
  • Languages: English
  • Pages: 64
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  • In Sweden the number of employees in the life science industry involved in manufacturing, consultancy, product development and/or research and development (R&D) in 2009 was about 32,000. The corresponding number of employees for 2006 was about 34,000 employees, i.e. a reduction with almost 2,000 employees. Overall, the present study covers about 700 companies, when individual companies within the same corporate group with similar activities and products are grouped.

    The study gives a snapshot of the companies’ activities in Sweden in 2009, grouped by business segment, type of activity and region. Companies focusing on sales and marketing of life science products are not included in the cluster profile; they correspond to about 325 companies and over 8,600 employees. This gives a total of about 40,600 people employed in the industry.

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