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Challenge-Driven Innovation

Societal challenges as opportunities for growth

Vinnova Information

Challenge-Driven Innovation
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  • Published: 2017-mars
  • Series #: VI 2017:06
  • ISSN: 1650-3120
  • Languages: English
  • Pages: 12

  • The world faces a number of global societal challenges related to climate, energy, environment and demographics, but also to social security, health and education. The thing that these challenges have in common is that they are all clearly international in character, that they transcend sectorial and disciplinary boundaries and that they are high ranking on political agendas worldwide.

    Our programme’s vision is to fund projects of international eminence and develop sustainable solutions to tackle key societal challenges.

    For Swedish version see “Utmaningsdriven innovation” (Vinnova Information VI 2016:07).

    For more information about the programme see

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